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  • “...this was one of the best two days out of the office I have spent... ”
    Airlee Gian, Partner Development manager - Microsoft Canada
  • “Your style and eloquence were enjoyed by all.! All Advocis Chapters should take advantage of your presentation...”
    Brian Lyall, Sun Life Financial, Sales Manager
  • “Fred has the uncanny ability to reach and touch each participant through his seminars and his books... ”
    Cal DeSouza, CEO Belleview Communities
  • “...when a presenter affects us on a personal level it is very memorable... ”
    Colleen Adams, Senior Manager Business Development, Bank Of Montreal
  • “...I have a better understanding and an increased knowledge of how a true leader conducts himself and what one is... ”
    Frank Marsden, Wells Fargo
  • “Fred, is one of the best on the planet. He is passionate, dynamic, and his messages are inspiring to all... ”
    Gary Mauris, Dominion Lending - President / Owner
  • “Fred's session on the Personalities and Communication Styles completely changed how our employees communicated with each other and our clients…”
    George De La Rosa, CEO - Luminus Financial
  • “The magic was when he was on stage. He talked for 3 hours on personality profiles, personal branding, and EQ... ”
    Glenn Mandziuk, CEO - Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association
  • “Dear Fred, a ton of excellent feedback...your presentation on leadership really hit the mark... ”
    Kevin V. Lutz, Regional Sales Manager, Mortgage Specialists, Royal Bank Of Canada
  • “...great insight that was relevant to our everyday industry...Fred made everyone accountable for their implementation... ”
    Michelle Depaul, Events Coordinator, RE/MAX of Western Canada
  • “...your session was, by far one of the most impactful... ”
    Patrick Nelson, Director, Public Affairs and Communications, Ontario Medical Association
  • “...changed my life for the better. I am much happier both at work and at home... ”
    Paul Cardwell, BMW
  • “He left a lasting... The results from Fred's session gave added value to our consultants ”
    Paul M. Demay, R.F.P., CFP, FCSI, Regional Director - Okanagan Region, Investors Group Financial Services Inc
  • “...brought back to MBABC to speak over four times...you are guaranteed that all attendees will walk away with useful tools... ”
    Rob-Regan Pollak, Education Co-chair, Mortgage Brokers Association Of BC
  • “I'm not sure how to sum up what you did for me, but what you did for me was and is priceless.”
    Ryan Miles, West Jet
  • “...a very energetic and interactive program...his knowledge of the sales process was extensive... ”
    Stephan Fernandes, NorthWest Mutual Funds, Customer Service Manager
  • “...you related your examples to our business, our roles, our staff - how it affects our business and our personal lives... ”
    Tricia, Retention Manager - CIBC Banking
  • “We received some of the best feedback we have received from a speaker... He made people think in ways they never thought of... ”
    Weldon LeBlanc, CEO - Kelowna Chamber Of Commerce


Your Path To Awareness

Speakers at 2015 Power In Partners Kelowna
7 Main Pillars of a Dominating Company That Will Dramatically Impact Your Business

Posted: 28-Oct-2015    Category: Business, Inspiration, Leadership, Psychology


If you had joined us at the Power in Partners event in Kelowna last week hope you found it as impactful as all the feedback we have received. Whether you were there or not, I have added 7 main messages I took away collectively from all the speakers.


Take time everyday to ask yourself Why that day was successful and why it was not. The more aware you become of your present situation the less you will react to daily situations.

Become aware of what you specifically need to do to take your business from A to B. Get rid of all the scatter distractions, and clutter and simply look at the specific actions you need to take. There is usually on 3 things you need to do in your business to make it grow. 


The average infant laughs 385 times a day, the average adult 8-11 times a day.

Have fun with everything you do and the right people will gravitate towards you.

Every decision we make is based on emotions and justified by logic. Laughter is one of the most effective and productive emotions you can build your business around.


We are conditioned as children to chase results. Results are critical but not at the expense of knowing why you are chasing them. In time you will lose sight of your priorities and simply get addicted to results.

If you are not spending conscious time every day making the key people in your life feel good about being in your life, you have already started losing sight of your priorities.

Process and Sytems:

Every success and failure we have in our lives is directly reflected upon the systems and process that drive them.

The power is in the process. So ask yourself what process do you follow for everything that you do in your business as the process is what will lead to your outcomes. Figure out your desired outcome, then ask yourself what process will directly lead to that outcome.

These processes need to be documented. If they are in peoples head and they leave, the process leaves with them. Any new person should be able to plug into that process.

Keep breaking the process into very small parts so that there is no room for misunderstanding the process


Simply care about the people in your life. The #1 question you need to ask is How Did I Make Them Feel? If you ask that question after every interaction, every relationship in your life will dramatically change.

Shayne said it best on stage: “How do you feel when people want something from you but you know you don't care about you.

Raghwa said it best on stage, “I invest more in the people than the product, the people will be able to come up with a new product if need be.”

Key things to look for in people is are they:

Willing to change
Hire the right attitude
They also need to fit your office culture


We are so connected with technology now that we have lost all true connections with people.

Don't collect connections; build relationships. Do not let your measurement of success be how many business cards you collected. Let it be how you impacted people during the time you connected.

Doing Everything With Intent:

Make 3 lists in your life.

  1. Emotions: List all the emotions you have been carrying around in your life. Ask yourself which ones do not serve you in any way and cross them off. Simply start letting go. Most of these emotions were created with the stories we have been telling ourselves for years.
  2. People: Make a list of all the people that you spend time with. Ask yourself who are the ones that always take and drain you but never there when you need them. Every hour you spend with them, is an hour taken away from the ones you love.
  3. Work: Make a list of everything you do for work. Then ask yourself why you do it? What is the purpose? You will find that majority of the things that you do have no purpose but to waste your time and make you feel busy.

Letting go is one of the hardest things for people to do. Holding on to the wrong things is like holding on to the falling knife, in time it will bleed you to death.

Great leaders believe in something bigger than themselves and surround themselves with people that are further along in the path they want to grow to. David Krysko, touched on this topic by saying, “I never wanted to be the smartest guy in the room, this way I and my talents and skills will grow.”

When you believe in something bigger and greater than yourself, the right people will always reveal themselves:

This is our community

It is no different then a culture in an office.

It is up to us to create and protect that culture.

Thank you for proving that there are still incredible and genuine people out there.

Would love to hear what messages you took away from the speakers and the event over all.

Pictures from the event

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