Captivate Your Audience.
Capture Their Attention.
And Convince Them To Act.

Discover The 7 Critical Pillars To Effective Presentations That Are Guaranteed To Work.

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On a sales page like this, I get about 5 seconds to get your attention.

What about in a presentation?

The kind you might give talking in front of your employees as a CEO. The type you might give if you were a high paid keynote speaker. Maybe, a presentation to secure an important new client or propose a new idea in the workplace…

How much time do you get to captivate your audience?

How long does it take to get their attention?

When You’re Giving A Presentation:
You Barely Get 5 Minutes To Capture Your Audience’s Attention. Once That Time Is Up? You’ve Lost.

That might not be a law. It might not be a fact. I can’t prove that concept to you with science.

It’s just what I’ve experienced as a speaker—and I know that YOU have experienced it too.

The look of inattention, the boredom, the fleeting glances and empty stares of the polite who are willing to pretend in your presentation and the careless inattentiveness of the smart-phone checkers and cross word puzzle solvers who really could care less about what you think…

Look—my name is Fred Sarkari. I’m a human behavior psychotherapist with over 15 years of experience as an expert in presentation effectiveness. . I have not only studied this topic but have lived it on stages around the world for 15 years.

Seven Critical Steps for Effective Presentations

I’m about to share with you the SEVEN PILLARS that will make your presentations convert your audience of uninterested passive listeners into devoted followers by utilizing PROVEN psychological tools that capture interest and attention.

Effective ON STAGE Presentations:
For Any Audience. Of Any Size. On Any Topic.

In just a minute, I am going to show you exactly how to make people pay attention. How to make an effective on stage presentation work for any audience, of any size, on any topic…

You see, for over a decade, I’ve made my living by travelling around the world and speaking to organizations with “household” brand names that you’d find listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Companies like; Coca-Cola, IBM, BMW, Microsoft, Major Banks, Hilton, and many more…

During that time, I’ve experienced more “enlightenment” from my audiences and my clients than I ever thought possible. And the one thing that made the biggest impact on me is the need for Presentation skills in today’s fast-paced corporate environment.

Here’s What You Already Know:
Speaking Well, Sharing Ideas, And Creating Impactful Presentations Results In Success.

That’s really what it boils down to.

Today’s corporate environment rewards people that are well spoken: people that know how to deliver ideas and get audiences to follow them.

And that is precisely why I’ve developed a new online course to help people develop their presentation skills.

I decided to take everything I know about IMPACTFUL public speaking – particularly presentations in front of large audiences, which is very common in today’s business world – and pack it all into a “soup to nuts” comprehensive ONLINE COURSE that you can avail yourself to, online, at your convenience.

Join Me, And I’ll Share My Presentation Secrets!
Introducing: Shine On Stage
The Only Professional ONLINE Presentation Workshop

  • Webinar Delivery – Join me for 7 online sessions where I’ll discuss the psychology behind effective presentations. You will receive relevant instruction as well as access to my 15 years of insider knowledge.
  • Personalized Instruction – It’s what a book or guide can’t deliver—the opportunity to discuss how to attract an audience and keep them interested step-by-step with an actual expert in presentation and the science behind public speaking psychology.
  • Step-By-Step Instruction – We’re going to discuss the seven secrets that can turn a bland presentation into an impactful, captivating audience experience that can turn a penchant for public speaking into a rewarding corporate career.

Develop Content. Develop Confidence.
Develop Captivating Presentations That Work.

My new course is like a “boot camp” that walks you through the entire process of creating a powerful “gripping” presentation. The kind that moves people. That kind that people talk about long after it’s over.

After you go through my course, you’ll be the one they’ll be glowing about. And it will all seem SO EASY after you learn the SEVEN KEY COMPONENTS of giving a legendary presentation!

A Presentation that will last in the minds and hearts of your attendees for a lifetime.

My course gives you everything you need – from creating your presentation to understanding your audience to the art of story telling to how to develop your actual presentation style in order to captivate your audience and so much more…

Step by step, I help you build the content of your presentation… then create the framework for your stories and connect it to your content … and then create your overall presentation style that you want your audience to live and capture in their hearts.

Piece by piece, almost as if I’m sitting next to you, guiding you – you get the absolute essence of what it takes to be a great presenter/speaker.

The Best Presenters Understand The Power Of Preparation. This Is Where YOUR Preparation Begins.

The greatest of presenters understand the importance of preparation. Nothing is left to chance. I cover everything from audience research to practical things like microphones and slide shows.

I even show you how to “look” the part… how to fill the room with your presence the moment you step on stage… how to overcome all your fears… how to connect with the audience in a meaningful way… and so much more, it would take pages to list it all.

One of my favorites is the module on the psychology of preparation. What 90% of presenters do not realize is how they prepare for the presentation actually works against them on stage. Once you understand how it works, you will be able to do an entire Keynote without any notes.

You get my 15 years of accumulated “inside” knowledge that’s normally reserved only for my in-person VIP clients, such as corporate CEOs and high paid Keynote Speakers who invest $10,000 to work with us one on one.

The Power Of A $2,500 Live Course.
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When you join this live course today for just $247, you’ll get the benefit of a $2,500 weekend event for less than 1/10th of the cost.

I’ve personally attended speaking and presentation preparation workshops that have cost almost $3,000 and more.

You can to, if you’d like to. But—before you do—consider letting me PROVE that my online course can stand up to the rest. This course has absolutely no fluff or fillers but simply just executable content that I guarantee will dramatically increase your ability to captivate an audience with presentations.

That’s right! It’s guaranteed to help you become a better presenter.

I’ll Take ALL Of The RISK.
100% Money-Back Guarantee!

You take NO RISK because of my 100% Money-Back Guarantee: If my course isn’t everything you wanted it to be – and more – you don’t have to pay, we will simply give your money back. Simply cancel after you have gone through the entire course, and if you were not inspired, educated or have gained no insight to help you be a better presenter you owe nothing.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I’ll Show You How To Make A LASTING Impression For Your Audience. Guaranteed.
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Do you dare not be prepared for your one chance on stage?
Before you consider taking advantage of this course, ask yourself the following questions?

  • Do you ever have to get up in front of people and talk?
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If you could be just a little bit more impactful (I guarantee this course will make you more than a little bit more impactful) in front of people. Would that be worth the price of less than one night away?

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So then what are you waiting for?

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